Murat Armağan was born in Istanbul in 1973. In 1996 after graduating from Mimar Sinan University Department of Industrial Design, he started his career as a designer in D-Kare Illumination company. He participated in illumination and urban furniture projects in this company for 3 years. In 2003 he founded the T-Design INC. with Technology Holding in order to develop innovative projects. Aside from product development, he worked in this context for 4 years as the manager of several conceptual projects that see the future. During this period he gave seminars and conferences in several institutions and universities on topics like Design Process, Project Management, and Innovative Technologies. In 2006 he founded Arman Design, which is focused on Industrial Product Design and Project Development services. The company has been offering product design and project developments for various industries, from electronic products, to urban design products, and from payment systems to defense industry. Armağan won awards from prestigious design contests such as RedDot, If Design, and Good Design with the products he designed, and he presented at conferences regarding the economic value analysis of projects in terms of their designs and innovative aspects, and his projects were shown as examples. Between 2013-14, he taught at Mimar Sinan University. He has been a jury member in design contests of export associations, such as IMMIB, OIB, and UIB, as well as the Design Contests of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Acting as a member of the Advisory Committee at Uludag Exporters Association (UIB) design contest, Armağan participated in this organization as a panel speaker on the future of automotive industry.
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