Bürotime was founded in 1994 under the umbrella of Tosunoğulları Furniture INC. situated at the Konya Organized Industrial Zone over a 6500 m2 area.

A process of institutionalization for the purpose of embarking on a years of adventure, and to be crowned by awards in the furniture industry; by 2000 the Bürotime brand was born. In order to address increasing demand, Bürotime operates at its production facility of 140.000 m2 in the area it was founded. Making its very first sale abroad in 2002, today it exports to all four corners of the world, to a total of 50 countries and 150 sales points in the domestic and foreign markets.

Since 2000 we are offering comfort and convenience for business life
140.000 m2
Production Facility of
with modern production automation systems
We are forging ahead in becoming a
GLOBAL BRAND with international awards and certificates.
50 COUNTRIES and 150
GREENGUARD Gold Certificate

Bürotime believes that a balance between work and life depends on the idea of sustainability, and by considering the various utilization scenarios in offices, it establishes its design strategy within the framework of product alternatives that are human-oriented, improve quality of life, and protect the ecosystem. It has taken a significant step in becoming a “national brand” by transforming the sales channels developed as a dealership system into concept showrooms in line with the unique business model it adopts; and in 2008 it got involved in the TURQUALITY process, world’s very first state-endorsed and most comprehensive brand development program.

Every year increasing its market share and production capacity in the countries where it operates, and ending up contributing to the development of domestic economies, the leading manufacturer pays special attention to international certifications, with an awareness of the fundamental condition for products in the markets of developed countries being sufficient for the desired qualities and standards. Based on this necessity, in order to offer users environments with interior space of high air quality, it has applied to the GREENGUARD Institute of Environment in 2014, participating in the certificate process. As a result, it has become the first office furniture manufacturer in the armchair and furniture product group in Turkey to earn the GREENGUARD Gold certificate.

Corporate Values

Sustainable lives, sustainable design

Materializing its innovative products by taking into consideration elements of human, environment and design, Bürotime, along with its employees, solutions partners and dealers, achieves customer satisfaction by offering products and services that reinforce sustainability, and with universal quality and standards.

The leader manufacturer focuses on the concepts of innovation and R&D in all applications throughout production processes towards achieving its goal of becoming a global brand; and it aims at being prominent in both domestic and foreign markets with its award-winning designs that drive the industry.

It believes that a sustainable future is possible with human resources policies that inspire young talents, and support equal and effective participation of women into business life, as much as with environmental and economic applications of sustainability.

With the awareness that employees have particular basic needs, such as safety, belonging, team spirit, sense of alliance, and producing value for a purpose, it believes that a workspace must be designed in a way that is capable of addressing all these necessities. In that sense, it aims at contributing to employees’ level of performance and productivity by increasing spatial quality and functionality in its office designs.

An Authentic Business Model

Bürotime closely follows innovative business models and strategies, and internalizes them in order to become a global brand; and thanks to the authentic business model it developed in the industry, it serves to improve regional development and employment with its worldwide network of dealers and concept showroom supports. Through Bürotime Academy, it provides education in order to inform its employees of new products and industry trends, and have them stay on top of the market.

Open Mindedness

Treats humans as humans, respects differences; we do not discriminate based on race, ethnics, age, gender, religion or political opinion

Making a Difference

For Bürotime, making a difference is a vital and constantly updated value that permeates to each and every stage, from design process to production, from shipping to after sales support.

Being Assertive With Humility

As an extension of the principle of consistency and transparency, Bürotime tries to put its words into practice rather than giving out grand promises; and its assertiveness stems from this self-confidence in keeping its word.

Brief History


The “Bürotime” brand was born in 2000; a significant step towards institutionalization.


Following the very first overseas sales of its products, expansion and sales channels started being developed in countries where it could find new openings and opportunities.


Headquarters moved to Istanbul. Marketing and sales teams expanded. First franchise was achieved in Sarajevo.


Developing its investment and growth goals in line with the adopted business model, Bürotime has reached 70 dealers throughout Turkey by transforming its sales channels into concept showrooms via the dealership system it established.


It was encouraged in becoming a “national brand” by being included in the TURQUALITY process, world’s very first state-endorsed and most comprehensive brand development program.


“Bürotime Academy” was founded in order to improve technical competence of the points of sales personnel at home and abroad, to increase targeted sales, and to ensure that the competence of product range is accurately transmitted to consumers.


Bürotime corporate logo is renewed. Standing out as a leading product, Stripe received the “Good Design Award” at the Design Turkey Contest.


Headquarters moved to Istanbul. Marketing and sales teams expanded. First franchise was achieved in Sarajevo.


It was selected ‘Konya’s Best’ at the “Turkey’s Cleanest Industrial Facility” contest organized by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. Franchise showroom was opened in Georgia. It became the first office furniture manufacturer to receive the GREENGUARD Gold certificate in armchair product group.


Ankara Regional Headquarters was founded. Franchise showrooms in Kazakhstan and Egypt started their operations.


Franchise showrooms were opened in Jordan and Iraq. Following armchair product group, furniture product also received a GREENGUARD Gold certificate. ‘Good Design Award’ was received at the Design Turkey Contest with “Note” and “Stay”.


Corporate website and logo are renewed. Franchise showrooms were opened in Germany, Macedonia, and Kenya. “Note” reinforced its international success by receiving the “Red Dot 2017: Office Design” award, one of world’s most popular symbols of quality.


Bürotime has participated in International Office Management and Interior Design Fair - Orgatec 2018 for the 9th time. Following the Design Turkey and Red Dot Awards, “Note” has been deemed worthy of the renowned in ‘‘Product Design’’ category at iF Design Award 2018. Bürotime concept stores were opened in Kütahya and Kosovo.


Note was exhibited at Ambiente Fair, which is recognized as one of the most important design events of the year by providing its international success once again with the German Design Award after Design Turkey, Red Dot and iF Design Awards. Bürotime concept stores were opened in Kocaeli and Trabzon.