The modern design language of the Sam waiting series manifests itself in both its capacity to build up side by side and back to back, and in its authentic back panels. Solid wood arm details stand out as a nostalgic touch added to the product, suitable for today’s trends. Resembling the 50s in its look, Sam is a sophisticated product that belongs to the modern world with its functionality and distinct lines, dominating the design spirit of spaces. This balance between past and present emphasizes an attitude of waiting areas that signify a different atmosphere.

Ece Yalım - Oğuz Yalım

We designed Sam as a reflection of refine tastes. We selected the references used in its form and material according to various scenarios. Solid wood arms of Sam resembles a cane of a noble, so we wanted the user to feel the warmth of wood, and the perfection of craftsmanship.


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    Fabrics should be periodically dusted with a lightly damp cloth. The accumulated dust over the surface can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. In case of stains, they must be wiped with lukewarm water, using cleaners that do not contain intense chemical substances. They should not be brushed.
    Leather surfaces must be regularly dusted. In the event of getting wet by a liquid, it must be thoroughly dried with a cloth with high absorbency. Oil stains must first be cleaned with soapy cloth, and then wiped with circular motions using a dry cloth. In case of sectional staining, the whole surface must be cleaned. It is normal for natural leather to go through change over time.
    Metal surfaces must be wiped with cleaners that do not contain abrasives, and then dried with a soft cloth. Cleaning materials with abrasive chemicals, alcohol or those that are solvent-based should not be used on painted metal surfaces.
    Wood surfaces must be wiped regularly with a lightly damp cloth in the direction of its streaks, and then dried with a soft cloth. Polish and cleaner that contain aerosol should not be used.


Sam bekleme serisinin modern tasarım dili, hem yan yana hem sırt sırta çoğalmaya müsait oluşunda ve özgün sırt panellerinde kendisini gösteriyor. Masif ahşap kol detayları ise bugünün trendlerine uygun olarak ürüne eklenen nostaljik bir dokunuş olarak göze çarpıyor. Görünüşüyle 50’li yılları anımsatan Sam, işlevselliği ve belirgin hatlarıyla da modern dünyaya ait, mekanlardaki tasarım ruhunu domine eden, sofistike bir ürün. Geçmişle gelecek arasında yakalanan bu denge, atmosferiyle farklılaşan bekleme alanlarına ait bir duruş ortaya koyuyor.