Bürotime was deemed worthy of two awards with its modern waiting unit, Beluga and its new generation executive desk, Lead in the category of "Excellent Product Design - Office Furniture" within the scope of the German Design Award 2022, which is considered one of the most distinguished design awards in the world.

Beluga, bearing the signature of Atilla Kuzu, was designed as a modern waiting unit with its aesthetic linear lines, innovative and structural form. Offering a comfortable seating experience with different usage areas and color alternatives, Beluga creates pleasant and interactive waiting areas.

The Lead Executive Desk, designed by Duygu Aslanel from b.design team, which can respond to the dynamic and flexible needs of new generation workspaces; with its carefully-designed and aesthetic structure, elegant and minimal design consisting of soft forms, it creates a strong visual appeal by supporting interaction.

With its worldwide spectrum and international reputation of the German Design Award, one of the most prestigious design awards in all creative industries, has been identifying design trends since 2012 and presenting them to large audiences. The submissions, which are awarded every year in the fields of product design, communication design and architecture, also reflect the international diversity of the design culture.

On the tenth anniversary of the event organized by the German Design Council, besides being versatile academics; dedicated to the spirit of Horst Rittel and Melvin Webber, pioneering design theorists of the period, the awards has the motto: “How do designers think?” and aims to highlight solutions that find answers to complex issues, from carbon & climate neutral production to cyclical and new digital technologies and to honor the people behind it.

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