As pedagogic approaches change with the ever advancing technology and create new opportunities for new learning methods, they also give increase the need for building environments in the educational venues that focus on the learner, are supported by technology, can be adapted to versatile usage scenarios and that can be transformed. Bürotime aims to introduce an innovative approach to the education industry that isn’t restricted to predefined venues and that transforms any environment into a learning space with modular educational products whose design is inspired by the active learning approach.

The venues we partake in throughout our professional education, which takes about 20% of our lifetime have a strong impact on our academic achievements and social development. According to research, interior architectural design of educational organizations has a strong influence on the quality of learning. Nature and human-friendly, reinforcing employees’ sense of belonging,  motivation and contributing to qualified work efficiency with its design implementations in the office furniture industry, Bürotime supports the “active learning” method, the new pedagogic approach of the 21st century with the “Education Solutions” products it developed with its focus on sectoral solutions. The design in question contributes to creating a potential learning area that offers convenient access to the internet and to new technologies eliminates the limits of locations and adapts to personal and team work. Bürotime’s rich product spectrum for educational solutions can meet any requirement in various areas of use such as cafés, social areas and shared spaces and for various age groups from primary school classrooms to university lecture halls.

Functional & Robust Design in Classrooms: Gama and Exen 

Developed for Gama and Exen desk product groups that are specially designed for classrooms, three different leg sizes offer functional solutions for users of different age groups. Offering an organized working environment with a bookshelf below the desk top and the bag hanger (hook) mounted on the legs, the product group also creates solutions for different work spaces according to the number of users with its single and double top alternatives. The pen holder on the top for educational desks is also designed in line with tablet sizes and therefore supports learning as it facilitates using technology.

Modular Units Adapted to Different Usage Scenarios: Handy

Handy, creating value for workspaces, combines stylish lines with functional details. With variations in design, Handy can be preferred in various places such as training halls, shared workspaces, classrooms, cafés and waiting rooms. Square, rectangular, trapezoid and hexagonal desk top choices offer various solutions from team work to singular use and support learning by providing creative environments. Handy’s desk top and leg details can be detached for piling, which saves space, while its modular structure offers creative solutions with many variations such as square, circle, U or V shape depending on purpose of use. In addition to fixed leg with leveler foot, it also has a wheeled leg option, allowing you to quickly change room layout.  The special locked drawer in Handy teacher’s desk provides a secure area for keeping confidential files. 

Functional and Vivid Chairs Compatible with Any Environment: Exen, Quick and Yoga

Designed with a focus on educational solutions, Exen, Quick and Yoga chair product groups have long service life with their robust structure while their multi-functional design responds to various needs for usage in classrooms, lecture halls, cafés and social areas. Exen chairs can be piled on top of each other, saving space, feature a folding writing pad on the armrest level and the basket option below the seat allows practical storage of books and bags. Offering various options such as four legs, tall bistro leg and wheeled star leg, Quick chair’s wheeled version facilitates movement in the venue, allowing quick changes in layout. Yoga chair product group meets the requirements of users of any age with its four legs or sled base options and different height options. 

Organization and Technology Support in Lecture Halls: Edu and Puzzle 

Offering functional solutions for lecture halls with its simple design language, Edu and Puzzle lecture hall desk facilitates learning with its technological solutions. Edu's diligently built plug socket and special shelf for books create a comfortable learning area while the folding chair provides an orderly environment when it isn't used, offering an alternative to standard learning spaces. 

Social Area Designs Support Interaction: Throne, Hexa, Pick, Gilda 

Believing that any place can be turned into a learning area with advanced technology and pedagogic approaches, Bürotime makes a pleasing contribution to learning thanks to its designs for social areas. Throne’s diligent design details create a personal working area, allowing students to have peace of mind and focus in silence while the modular structure of Hexa and Pick allows endless combinations according to spatial needs, increasing productivity in teamwork.  

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