The culture of work-from-home is spiking up in modern working life. Needs and expectations of home office workers began to bring new generation workspaces to the agenda. The global brand of the industry, Bürotime launches the 'Home Office' product group, which brings about many novelties pursuant to emerging needs in Orgatec Trade Fair, the largest global meeting point in the industry.

Workspaces are changing as the work culture evolves. Home offices, the new work culture of the developing world, bring a fresh breath of air to the business world. Anticipating the needs of the future while executing its designs, Bürotime launches its home office products that will steer the industry in Orgatec 2018. Aiming to increase the motivation and productivity of employees with the designs developed for the changing conditions of the business world, the company introduces its new generation Pi, Era and Runner Home Office product families which eliminate limits, match all environments and places and offer comfortable work spaces.  Each of the product families is configured in such way to respond to different groups and demands with its independent languages of design; they’re sharing common ground in matching the home decoration and exuding a home atmosphere. 

Adaptive Working Environment: Pi Home 

Pi, specially designed for home office use, is created with natural wood material and functional details, offering a stylish and environmentally friendly visual language. Retaining its currency with its timeless design line that creates value for every environment where it is used, Pi offers perfect harmony with home decoration through its solid body and colorful accessories. 

Simple and flowing form of solid wood structure shaped with handicrafts emphasizes the intended fine and modern design language, creating a warm atmosphere while maximizing functionality with desktop accessories such as hanger with pockets, board and pen holder.  

The Balance between Technology and Nature: Era Home 

Displaying the unique harmony of technology and nature, Era offers a functional unity by combining the sense of warmth that it created through wooden legs with diligently created hidden cable duct detail solutions. Era Home brings the user closer to nature with its wood details on the drawers in two divisions while giving the desktop an orderly look. It enables creation of a customizable workspace by allowing special accessories with its shelf unit located on the storage. In addition to felt panels that offer a warm environment, the metal panel designed as an alternative offers suitable solutions for the user who would like to create a more office-like environment at home.

Strong Stance at Homes: Runner Home 

Emphasizing the inseparable unity of functionality with design and aesthetics, Runner Home was developed for users who would like to portray a strong stance in their workspaces. The felt panel alternative integrated to the table offers warm, cosy atmosphere to the user while the organic transitions and soft lines created through the interpretation of metal with net lines bring about a new form and combines the opposites in a professional balance. Allowing display of desktop accessories with its flexible storage units and shelf unit, Runner Home allows creation of customizable work environments through human-oriented, functional, durable solutions offered to the user.

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