What sort of working environment does the future of work need? Can the concepts of flexibility, freedom, belonging and productivity be structurally melted in the same pot with interiors? Set to offer visionary concepts for the business world under the theme “culture @work”, The International Office Management and Interior Design Fair - ORGATEC 2018 illustrates how innovative ideas are shaped in office environments through a culture where diversity, motivation and trust are encouraged.

Arguing that work and life balance progresses on “sustainable thinking” in 2016 with the theme “New Visions of Work”, ORGATEC continues to preserve its unique line, setting out from the idea that an international reference fair should inspire professional visitors, adopt new approaches and  actively participate in industry-related discussions with this year’s culture@work theme, a continuation of the earlier theme.

Raising the question of what direction will the future of modern business culture transforms into; the mega trends of professional business world that will be presented this year under the culture@work theme include the new generation of coworking spaces, digital transformation, Industry 4.0, sustainable materials, and the smart technology of the near future - IoT (Internet of Things).

Digital transformation reshapes our work habits

The innovations, facilities and applications brought by digitalization and technology to the business world bring about change and transformation. Our ideas, habits and the ways of working have been reshaped recently with the digital transformation that triggered the ability to be innovative and think in every field.

While the term "Internet of Things" (IoT), which was first used in 1999, is considered as the first signal of production and lifestyle in the future; the concept of "Industry 4.0", which was expressed as a definition in Hannover Messe Trade Show 2011, is, in its simplest form, is described as internet reaching every area of our daily lives and managing these areas.

Synchronization of information systems in the digital transformation process can make us forget the human factor, which is the most important source of the institutions. The fact that human resources are at the core of all communication and social interaction necessitates that; technology should primarily address human psychology. Hence, it can be said that the concepts of business and work are no longer dependent on precisely defined spaces and times. Offices of the future is based on a business culture that is creative and that acts on a sense of responsibility in any place, focusing on the concepts of cooperation in a team spirit, motivation and trust more than ever.

“Free flow makes minds free and free minds make the change!”

Principally believing in success and change, recommending the users to go with the free flow of daily routine, Bürotime, in its manifesto it created under the "Free Flow for Success" concept, emphasizes that the employees should remove the borders and create new spaces that will meet their different needs and expectations throughout the day. 

The "Flow Theory", which was introduced by the American psychologist Mihaly Cziksentmihalyi as a result of his personal observations, is the mood where the action and awareness of the individual moves in a synchronized manner parallel to certain objectives by losing the sense of time in a concentrated manner and getting the taste of success of his/her action, which also sets the foundations of Bürotime’s "Free Flow for Success" manifesto.

This is why the “Free Flow @bürotime” concept has been developed to enable the creation of an efficient working culture that supports the innovations of modern office life as well as the synergy flow between colleagues and teams, with office equipment as well.

In today's modern office environment, we need to be more fluid than ever. Some of us work remotely or home office based on intelligent technologies, others work at certain time intervals, while others work in unusual places. Contributing to this multidimensional office culture with the “Free Flow” philosophy which understands the needs of working people, Bürotime, thanks to its motto “asset for success” continues to touch on the user’s lives by transforming offices into social living spaces with product alternatives that are inspired by the dynamism of life, putting human beings at the center, improving the quality of life and preserving the ecosystem.


Leading manufacturers of office furniture industry offering general conceptual suggestions and integrated solutions for office and living spaces have the opportunity to exhibit new products and services at ORGATEC. Trade visitors range from medium-sized enterprises to dealers, from architects and interior designers to decision-makers and founders, from the supply and human resources departments of large companies and to the representatives and managers of the real estate industry.

To be held as part of ORGATEC this year, the architectureworld // Deutscher Hoteltag has been the focus of attention in the last 15 years with its intensive congress programs aimed at architectures, designers, engineers and decision-makers of the construction industry. Within the framework of the event, world-famous architects will share their ideas about modern buildings and structures; make interactive presentations, talk about new materials and techniques, including the creation of professional real estate and offices.

We are expecting to see you at ORGATEC Trade Fair, where visitors will be presented with a tremendous amount of information on the business culture of the future, they will be able to exchange ideas and networks on the sector, and they will also find various opportunities!

Within the scope of the event, you can also visit the online portal Ambista, which provides direct access to industry-related products, links, various specializations and events throughout the year under the title "The Network for the Global Interiors Business."

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