Gathering steam in becoming a global brand, Bürotime continues to extend its network of concept showrooms abroad. Exporting over 50 countries as a leading manufacturer, it opened up its 7th concept showroom abroad in Georgia, following Jordan. Offering solutions to industry-specific and project-based all work areas, especially offices, Bürotime intends to open up 25 new concept showrooms in 2018 in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Frequently mentioned with its innovative design and concepts developed for working and living areas, the leader manufacturer opened up its 7th concept showroom in the Georgian capital Tbilisi, forging ahead in order to globally promote its award-winning designs. The opening of the 250 square-meter showroom included a cocktail party, and a music recital. The opening also hosted Bürotime International Sales Director Hakan Çeviköz, and Bürotime Area Sales Manager Sabina Mısır, as well as representatives of the Embassy in Tbilisi. 

Bürotime International Sales Director Hakan Çeviköz said, “As Bürotime, we aim at putting together innovative and modern concepts for working and living areas, which are spaces we spend most of our time in during the day. Our designs received various awards national and internationally. With this understanding, we want to offer our furniture not just to consumers in our country, but also to consumers across the globe. Our goal is to increase the number of concept showrooms we have abroad up to 25. Currently we export to 50 countries. In that regard, we opened our 7th dealership in Georgia.

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