Distinguished with its designs synthesised with original and functional details, Bürotime continues to increase its market share in different geographies by opening a store in Turkmenistan on October 2, 2019 following its concept store opened in Greece in September.

Meeting the needs while responding to all expectations of the new work culture with the designs it develops, Bürotime continues its growth through domestic and foreign investments. The company has turned its direction to the global market with the strategy of becoming a global brand; it has become the choice of prominent brands of the business world abroad. Having strengthened its brand perception in the region with Kyrgyzstan, where it has been conducting business intensively for many years, Bürotime increased its dominance in the Turkic Republics with the new store opened in Turkmenistan.

Bürotime Continues to Grow in the Turkic Republics

Continuing its investments with the goal of becoming a global office furniture brand, Bürotime strengthens its presence in the Turkic Republics with the franchise it has opened in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. The concept showroom, opened in partnership with the most established construction company of the region, includes all products designed by Bürotime for new generation offices. Serving on a 900m² area on the busiest street of the country, the franchise was met with great interest by its visitors due to being the largest showroom opened in the capital Ashgabat. The opening was accompanied by a pleasant ceremony; Bürotime Board Chairman Hüseyin Tosunoğlu, Bürotime General Manager Şaban İren, Bürotime International Sales Director Ahu Akder, Regional Sales Manager Can Kırmızıtuna; Serdar Akar, Foreign Trade Attaché, Suat Dursun, 2nd Secretary of Foreign Trade Attaché and leading business people, designers and architects of the region participated. The regional delicacies offered in specially created spaces gave the guests a pleasant time.

The Company Continues Its Growth on the Global Arena

Bürotime Board Chairman Hüseyin Tosunoğlu, who stated that they planned to increase their export rates with the investments being carried out in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans, said; “While France, Italy, Malta and Romania in Europe, Sudan, Senegal and Morocco in Africa and Sri Lanka in Southern Asia are the foreign markets where we have the strongest presence, we continue our growth by increasing our brand value at our concept showrooms throughout the world. Now, through the franchise we open in the Turkmen capital Ashgabat on October 2, 2019; we take our place with our product groups having the latest designs. In our showroom, which is established on a large area, namely 900 m², while meeting the changing needs of the work culture with our designs shaped with innovative designs, we also offer the solutions we developed in relation to different markets such as education, health, terminals, call centres and home offices. Also, we realise that this store occupies a special place that will provide us with a great logistical advantage due to Turkmenistan’s geographical location, from where we can also address other countries of the region. We believe that our franchise will facilitate our operations in achieving our strategic targets by acting as our gateway to Central Asia after the Turkic Republics. Continuing our investments in the global market, we aim at bringing our export figures higher, thereby strengthening our brand’s global position.

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