In modern world of business, with the volume of work increasing day by day, and technological developments rapidly coming into our lives, socialization in at work became all the more important. Companies began to acknowledge the importance of the issue for their employees as a result of time spent in front of a computer, difficulties and discomforts of sitting and working, and allow for creative ideas. Socialization, as in all creatures, is a matter that must be handled in earnest for humans. Socialization is especially important when it comes to work life. It is possible to say that employees feel part of the companies, acknowledged as a member of a group, and feel that they belong to their work places by this means.

Knowing and introducing one self, adaptation, and talking about humor and daily events are pare part of our natural disposition, and it does not change the fact that in every work place employees are mentally nurtured in this manner. You will find in Bürotime’s product range various products for waiting room and socialization areas that can be adapted to all of these scenarios, and create your dream social areas in line with your institutional culture.


With “Elements” it is possible to create dream workspaces that can be personalized! Removing borders and allowing various combinations, the concept generates desired living spaces with substantial product alternatives that can smoothly switch among each other.